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I have been writing for years, but I have never been published so I am going to rectify that within the next couple of years. I am currently working on my autobiography the working title of which is "What it is Like to Live with AD/HD for 60+ Years - Mostly Undiagnosed and Untreated." (That will change before it goes to press.) I also plan a career in motivational speaking based on how I have dealt with this illness throughout the years. I co-facilitated my first seminar in January of 2010. I plan to encourage others to "Keep On Going Till You Get There, Then Keep Going." That is not original. I use it with permission of a late friend, Brig. General Ezell Ware, Ret. who was also my inspiration and my mentor. He is the one who convinced me that my life is just now getting started and I have to prepare myself for it. Thank you, General. May you now rest with peace. He will know what I mean by that.

Late breaking news: I have just completed my first book - Florestine, a fictional account based on the true story of one of my descendents in Natchitoches, Louisiana in the mid-1800's.  

Go to my Florestine page for more information.


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