Synopsis:  Florestine is the story of the lovely Florestine Cordés, a free woman of color, who was born and raised in antebellum New Orleans, Louisiana.  If her mother has her way, she would become the placée of an extremely wealthy man, whether she loves him or not.

She attends the theatre one evening where she accidentally drops her purse on the head of a handsome young white man, who introduces himself as Dr. David Boult, a dentist from Natchitoches in north Louisiana. Sparks fly and a romance is ignited. Florestine develops yellow fever and is forced to go to the public infirmary. While there, she was mistaken for a runaway slave and taken away by a slave catcher.

This is the story of Florestine's upbringing and the forces that shaped her life; of Florestine and David's romance and relationship against the conventions of the day.

Author's Note:  Florestine is based on the lives of two of the author's ancestors (using actual historical documents).

March 24, 2012 - I had my very first personal appearance with Florestine today at Buttons in Addison, TX. Click here for pictures of that event.  Also see a list of my upcoming appearances.




Several people have asked me how I get ideas for my stories.  There is no magic answer as to where story ideas come from but mostly they come from my imagination or are drawn from real life.  Some come from other materials I have read that has sparked my imagination.  The advice when I first started writing was, read, read, read.  So here is my reading list.  And this is just for starters - those I can remember right off the top of my head.  I will be adding to it as I go along.

My reading list.

Remember this is a fictionalized account of the life of Florestine Boult. It is not to be used for genealogy research purposes. If you need material for the Boult family research please contact me by clicking on the "Contact me" button below. I have lots of genealogical material that you may be interesting in seeing.

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